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So we can continue to focus on you, the patient, Texas Family Physicians at River Place has moved to a Medical Membership as of April 1st, 2018. All scheduled patient appointments through May 31st will be seen and billed to insurance as before. I will have a knowledgeable member of my staff available to discuss the services, benefits and estimated costs involved in our Medical Membership in relation to your specific insurance plan prior to joining. Continuing to accept and work with health insurance companies will allow all of my current patients to have the choice whether or not our Medical Membership is right for them. We will also offer non-member services and options for those who decide that the Medical Membership is not for them. I understand that a Medical Membership may not be for everyone. Please know that my effort and decision is such that this change will embrace and support the great majority of my current patients. 

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Dr. Molina

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Texas Family Physicians Medical Membership
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Texas Family Physicians provide comprehensive family medical care for men, women and children of all ages. Click here to read about some of our medical services Learn More


Dr. Molina is an ImPact Certified Provider. We offer baseline and post injury concussion evaluation, treatment and testing. Please call 512.524.2336 for more information and to schedule a test today. Learn More

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New! Use this link to order recommended products from Metagenics. Dr. Molina has collaborated with Metagenics to make ordering easier and more efficient for our patients.

Cancer Risk and Genetic Testing

Did you know that up to 10% of cancer patients have an inherited gene mutation? Fortunately, knowing your cancer family history may help a physician to prevent cancer or detect it at an earlier stage. Women with certain genetic mutations have up to 87% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. Read more…

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